As a family run business we value our clients so we sat down, got our heads together and had a chat about how we can give something back.
We believe in rewarding our trusted clients.

We can now provide a pre-order service allowing you to secure as many boards as you need for all your friends and family. All we ask is to provide a small 15% deposit of to secure your order. And if you’re not able to fulfil your order we’ll refund your deposit.

This is a fantastic opportunity to ensure all your friends and family secure and receive their boards in time for Christmas.

Currently boards are rising in price as the demand increases especially with Christmas around the corner.
Whatever increase occurs (RRP) you only pay us the price we quote you when you order.
So ultimately you’ll make a massive saving as well!

An amazing board, I can walk the dog in no time :-).SimonMansfield, Nottinghamshire
I saved all my pocket money to get one of these after I saw Justin Bieber riding one.KellyBelper, Derbyshire
Wow, all my friends were so jealous of my board, they all wanted to try it out at school..JasonKirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
It took me days to persuade my dad to buy me one of these, my early christmas present, thanks dad..JoelPapplewick, Nottinghamshire
What do you mean ?Predator Legal ?