How do I use the Key fob?
The remote control is the key fob in the box. Although this has four buttons it’s used for just turning the board on and off to save you having to bend down. Alternatively if you prefer you can use the silver on/off button on the side of the board. The redundant buttons have no functionality.

How do I reset or rebalance my board?
The board from time to time needs a re-set.
This is easy to do and the instructions to do it are here:

  1. Charge the board for two hours to make sure it’s fully charged.
    (The charger has a red light on it which illuminates when plugged in, this red light will turn to green when fully charged) Then unplug the charger.
  2. Turn the board off and make sure the tops of both sides of the boards are level. If it’s working fine both lights should be green on the top and your board should work. If just one green light shows it needs rebalancing.
  3. Turn off the board.
  4. Hold down the “on” button for 30 seconds. The blue lights should come on under the board and start flashing. Let them continue for 30 seconds.
  5. Turn off the board.

FINALLY – Turn it back on again two green lights on the top?

Happy Boarding