Easy, Fun and New!


You’ll quickly master the dual wheeled electric scooter as it requires very little balance or input from the user to remain upright. Just stand with legs shoulder width apart on the foot rests and the sensor pads under each foot will detect if you lean forward or backwards to which in turn controls the speed. For turning you just apply a slightly greater pressure to the outside wheel and this will cause the motor to speed up resulting in a gentle curve for easy steering. Alternatively you can pirouette on the spot by driving one wheel forward and the opposite foot backwards, which brings great and fun possibilities.


To make sure you are safe and visible the self-balancing scooter has two lights attached to it. Unlike many forms of electric transport where the wheels are aligned front to rear this electric dual wheels scooter has wheels aligned side by side so you can remain stationary and in perfect-balance, just by standing upright. This is for the easiest transition between standing on the board and getting off. One of the highlights of a PredatorBoard is you don’t need you hands to steer! So they remain free for carrying your things while easily getting around. Being able to master gradients of 15 degrees means there is no limited to where you can go!

Size and Weight Size 584*186*178mm
Ground clearance 110mm (No loading)
Tire diameter 8 inch
Body weight 10 KG
Material Body ABS
Battery Samsung/LG 4400mAh Lithium Battery
Motor Magnetic Levitation DC motor 250W 2PCS
Performance Battery 36v 4.4AH
Top speed About 10km/h
Range per charge 20km (vary with rider’s weight, road condition and temperature)
Safe climbing angle Maximum 15°
Temperture range Minus 15°- 50° (best at 10°–30°)
Maximum loading 100 kg
Charger voltage AC110-220V 50-60HZ
Charging time  45-120minutes
Waterproofness IP54


Stick to it! The fun has no limit.
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